Our Mission
St. Augustine Indian Mission School strives
to prepare students for their higher
education by assisting them to become
respectful of life, self-directed, and positive
contributors to their community.
Spiritual Life
While remaining true to its Catholic
heritage, St. Augustine welcomes
students of all faiths; nearly
one-third of the students are
non-Catholic. The children are
taught traditional Native American
culture and language, along with a
solid core of academic basics.
Honoring the past with a vision of the

Nestled in the rolling hills of the northeast
corner of Nebraska is St. Augustine Indian
Mission and School. St. Augustine Indian
Mission has served the Native American
people of the Winnebago and Omaha
Tribes since 1909.
Through the years it has touched the lives
of thousands of Native American children
and impacted the lives of their families.
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St. Augustine Indian Mission School        P.O. Box GG        1 Mission Road South        402-878-2291
St. Augustine Church